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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Info on Robert Lewellen

Information from Joan Kimball (of Carthage, Missouri) on the Lewellens:

1) Jasper County Land Records (earliest records available = 1841) has a land transaction for:
Robert Lewellen from Isaac Gibson on the 30th Sep 1848.

2) No mention of Robert Lewellen in all three Jasper County Histories

3) List of Lewellens in all 6 cemetery records:
  • Lewallen, Mary 1856-1917 wife of E.E. (Avilla Cemetery)
  • Lewellen, Elizabeth 1872-1920
  • Lewellen, Benj.
  • Lewellen, Lewis Clark 7 Jun 1891-4 Sept 1908
  • Lewellen, Clark 1851 (avilla cemetery)
  • Lewellen, John 3 May 1852-25 Aug 1890
  • Lewellen, Carrie A 1889-1896 dau. of J.H. (Ga. City Cemetery)

4)No Lewellens in Dale County Histories

5) No will from Probate Courts. Dicy Lewellen was appointed guardian of the following children in 1854: William, Stephen, James, Joseph, Robert, Jane, Nancy.

There are several entries in the book on the adm. of the estate mostly the appointment of John Hornback as the administrator. These are written in a book and no one knows where the papers are.

Other Probate Records:

A. Jan 11, 1853 John Hornback was appointed administor and Dica Lewelleln relinquishes her right to be administrator. $800 ___ & John Gibson & Hames Hornback were securities.

B. Nancy Bayneems against Robert Lewellen est. for $9.07

C. William ___ against Robert Lewellen est. for $5.57

D. William G. Burden against Robert Lewellen est. for $12.75

E. Lorenzo Speegle against Robert Lewellen est. for $4.25

F. John Walker against Robert Lewellen est. for $20.00

G. Rice & Chenault against Robert Lewellen est. for $1.82

6) There are 2 Jasper County Marriages for up through 1861:

Smith, Daniel & America Elinor Lewellen 20 Aug 1856

Lewellen, William & Mary Ledford 7 Mar 1858

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lewellen's in Upper Monongahela Valley, West Virginia

Found this today on the internet:

Genealogical and Personal History of the Upper Monongahela Valley, West Virginia, Under the Editorial Supervision of Bernard L. Butcher ... With an Account of the Resurces and Industries of the Upper Monongahela Valley and the Tributary Region By Bernard Lee Butcher, James Morton Callahan: "The earliest known ancestor of the Jones family was the JONES mother of Jacob Jones who married second Samuel Lewellen and removed with him from near Wilmington Delaware to Loudoun county Virginia where they lived until about"1770 The Lewellens then moved across the mountains and settled on Cheat river establishing the old Lewellen Ferry in Monongalia county Virginia now West Virginia near the Pennsylvania line Samuel Lewellen obtained a grant of land there in 1771 and his name is prominently mentioned in the old records among the early settlers of the county Of the children of Samuel Lewellen the names of the following have been preserved Philip Jacob Benjamin Thomas David Asa Mary Samuel Doctor who is said to have been the eighth child Their descendants settled in West Virginia western Pennsylvania and Indiana and were scattered throughout the United States II Jacob Jones born in Wilmington Delaware"

Saturday, May 9, 2009

2nd Marriage of Ellen Brantley Lewellen

From Lloyd McConnell of Fayetteville, Arkansas, April 13, 1978:
"Today I found where A.J. Brown, 62, of Cherokee County, Oklahoma married Ellen Brantley, 45, on December 16th 1906 at Fayettefille, Arkansas. J.F. Leake, was the Justice of the Peace."

A.J. Brown was the second husband of Ellen Brantley Lewellen.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Robert & Abigail Lewellen, 1856

I don't know where this family fits into my Lewellen line either, but this document is from settlement book 17 page 550 for Robert Lewellen's estate w/ Abigail Lewellen as the administratrix

File #190
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Land Record of Jacob Lewellen of Hardin County, KY

Click here: Land Record of Jacob Lewellen

shows that Jacob was in Hardin County, KY in 1799

Will of Samuel Lewellen

Click here: Will of Samuel Lewellen

I don't know where this Samuel Lewellen fits in my Lewellen line, but thought I'd post it anyway:

Samuel Lewellen, record made 22 Jan 1822, proved 9 Dec 1822
bequests to Wife: Patty, and Children: Nancy Walton Spreg, Thomas D. Lewellan, Catherine Riggs, Mary Everett, and Saml R Lewellen
mentions Wm Doughtery
Executors : Wife Patty, and Danl McCalister
Witnesses: James Harrison, Richard Pilcher

In Washington County, Kentucky a Catherine Lewellen m. an Abraham Riggs on 23 December 1817
(Riggs Families in Kentucky)

In the Everett Cemetery in Vienna, Scott, Indiana this headstone is found: Mary E. Lewellen wife of William C. Everett 1802-1860

In Jefferson County, Kentucky Nancy Lewellen m. Henry W. Sprague on 28 May 1820

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1850 Census, Leopold, Perry, Indiana HH1024

Found ths today as I was searching for Johnson's in Perry, Indiana. Don't know if it fits in anywhere but I wanted to record it somewhere . . .

1850 Census, Leopold, Perry, Indiana HH1024
Sylvester Lewallen, 38, M, Kentucky
Lucinda Lewallen, 37, F, Kentucky
Catharine, 18, F, Indiana
Sarah, 16, F, Indiana
Thomas, 14, M, Indiana
James, 12, M, Indiana
John, 10, M, Indiana
Matilda, 6, F, Indiana
William, 3, M, Indiana

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jabiz Lewellen Bounty Land Application from the War of 1812

Jabez Lewellen Bounty Land Application

Jabez Lewellen is the son of Jacob Lewellen. He fought in the War of 1812. He was born 17 Nov 1793 in Ohio County, Kentucky.

Marriage Records from Benton County, Arkansas

Marriage Records from the County & Probate Clerk in Bentonville, Arkansas:
(both are children of Robert and Dicey Lewellen)

Henry J. Lewellen 28 & Amanda C. Yeager 18, married Aug 3, 1877 (A-594)

Stephen Lewellen 37 & Mary E. Yeager 20, married Aug 3, 1877 (A-593)

Lewellen records of probate records in Jasper, Missouri

Here is a copy of the direct index to probate records of Jasper County, MO.

Lewellen's in Ohio County, KY

There are several references to Lewellen's in Harrison Taylor's book, Ohio County, Kentucky, in the Olden Days: A Series of Old Newspaper Sketches of Fragmentary History, including a court sketch of Jacob Lewellen. I've downloaded both the reference in the book itself to Jacob Lewellen and the list of Lewellen marriages found in the appendix.

(Click on the title to view the document)

Research needed

I'm writing this down so I don't forget to check this source the next time I'm at the Family History Library. In 1977 an A.W. Homrighausen wrote that in the Monroe County, Missouri Wills File Box 29 Jacob Lewellen has a bond for July 26, 1848. She records the heirs are:
James Lewellen
Joseph (deceased) heirs - Hendricks, Nicols, ???
Robert Lewellen of Dale County, Missouri
John Lewellen
Jabish Lewellen
Need to check this!

Also: 1950 Monroe Co., Missouri Census #504 p108

Another item to check:
this is from a Ms. Rouse in 1979: "In the Ralls & Pike Portrait and biographical record [hopefully this is a book] it said Jacob Lewellen & Wife Jane ? from Wales had 9 children named Samuel, John, Hannah, Jacob, Martha, James, Robert, Rachael, Joseph. According to the other dates in the sketch - Robert should have been born in Ky about 1802 . . . This Jacob born in Wales - went to Va then to KY where most of his children were born then went to Rall Co, Missouri. After Jacob and Jane's 9 children were born she died and Jacob married a Rackerby but I think it was Eliza Rackerby Sutton but apparently no children."

This is curious because I have two generations of Jacob Lewellens. The first Jacob married Abigail and had several children (all named the same as the above Jacob w/ Wife Jane). So, I need to figure out these two generations and see if a mistake has been made.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Marriage Certificate of Robert Lewellen to Dicey Benham

Marriage Certificate of Robert Lewellen to Dicey Benham
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Marriage License of Grover Lewellen & Threasa Johnson

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Marriage License of Robert J. Lewellen & Nancy Brantley

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Death Certificates of Robert J. Lewellen and wife, Nancy

Robert J. Lewellen Death Certificate

In addition to this death certificate, the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health Nevada State Hospital wrote: " We have been able to determine that Mr. Lewellen was a patient at this hospital. He was admitted on June 20, 1921, and passed away on December 11, 1929."

Death Certificate of Bettie Lewellen
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Death Certificates of Robert J. Lewellen's Children

Death Certificate of Grover Lewellen

Death Certificate of Herbert Charles Lewellen

Death Certificate of Jane Lewellen Savich

Death Certificate of Mary Lewellen DuRay

Parkview Cemetery sent this note about Mary Lewellyn Duray: "Your Aunt died on August 5, 1936 at the age of 24 years, 1 month and 18 days. Cause of death was cellulitis of face. She was buried on August 7, 1936 in Section C, Tier 90, Grave 44. The undertaker in charge was B.E. Arntzen of Chicago, and Hines Mortuary of Peoria, Illinois.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Death Certificates of Robert Lewellen's Children

Death Certificate of Stephen Lewellen

Death Certificate of Vincent Lewellen

Death Certificate of Rebecca Lewellen Johnson

Here is a copy of the death certificate of Rebecca Johnson, wife of James Johnson, and daughter of Robert Lewellen and Dicey Benham (note the discrepancies of her parents on the death certificate). She died on 4 Mar 1929 of influenza. She was buried on 6 Mar 1929 at the Sterling Cemetery, Jasper, MO.

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