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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Info on Robert Lewellen

Information from Joan Kimball (of Carthage, Missouri) on the Lewellens:

1) Jasper County Land Records (earliest records available = 1841) has a land transaction for:
Robert Lewellen from Isaac Gibson on the 30th Sep 1848.

2) No mention of Robert Lewellen in all three Jasper County Histories

3) List of Lewellens in all 6 cemetery records:
  • Lewallen, Mary 1856-1917 wife of E.E. (Avilla Cemetery)
  • Lewellen, Elizabeth 1872-1920
  • Lewellen, Benj.
  • Lewellen, Lewis Clark 7 Jun 1891-4 Sept 1908
  • Lewellen, Clark 1851 (avilla cemetery)
  • Lewellen, John 3 May 1852-25 Aug 1890
  • Lewellen, Carrie A 1889-1896 dau. of J.H. (Ga. City Cemetery)

4)No Lewellens in Dale County Histories

5) No will from Probate Courts. Dicy Lewellen was appointed guardian of the following children in 1854: William, Stephen, James, Joseph, Robert, Jane, Nancy.

There are several entries in the book on the adm. of the estate mostly the appointment of John Hornback as the administrator. These are written in a book and no one knows where the papers are.

Other Probate Records:

A. Jan 11, 1853 John Hornback was appointed administor and Dica Lewelleln relinquishes her right to be administrator. $800 ___ & John Gibson & Hames Hornback were securities.

B. Nancy Bayneems against Robert Lewellen est. for $9.07

C. William ___ against Robert Lewellen est. for $5.57

D. William G. Burden against Robert Lewellen est. for $12.75

E. Lorenzo Speegle against Robert Lewellen est. for $4.25

F. John Walker against Robert Lewellen est. for $20.00

G. Rice & Chenault against Robert Lewellen est. for $1.82

6) There are 2 Jasper County Marriages for up through 1861:

Smith, Daniel & America Elinor Lewellen 20 Aug 1856

Lewellen, William & Mary Ledford 7 Mar 1858