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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lewellen's in Upper Monongahela Valley, West Virginia

Found this today on the internet:

Genealogical and Personal History of the Upper Monongahela Valley, West Virginia, Under the Editorial Supervision of Bernard L. Butcher ... With an Account of the Resurces and Industries of the Upper Monongahela Valley and the Tributary Region By Bernard Lee Butcher, James Morton Callahan: "The earliest known ancestor of the Jones family was the JONES mother of Jacob Jones who married second Samuel Lewellen and removed with him from near Wilmington Delaware to Loudoun county Virginia where they lived until about"1770 The Lewellens then moved across the mountains and settled on Cheat river establishing the old Lewellen Ferry in Monongalia county Virginia now West Virginia near the Pennsylvania line Samuel Lewellen obtained a grant of land there in 1771 and his name is prominently mentioned in the old records among the early settlers of the county Of the children of Samuel Lewellen the names of the following have been preserved Philip Jacob Benjamin Thomas David Asa Mary Samuel Doctor who is said to have been the eighth child Their descendants settled in West Virginia western Pennsylvania and Indiana and were scattered throughout the United States II Jacob Jones born in Wilmington Delaware"

Saturday, May 9, 2009

2nd Marriage of Ellen Brantley Lewellen

From Lloyd McConnell of Fayetteville, Arkansas, April 13, 1978:
"Today I found where A.J. Brown, 62, of Cherokee County, Oklahoma married Ellen Brantley, 45, on December 16th 1906 at Fayettefille, Arkansas. J.F. Leake, was the Justice of the Peace."

A.J. Brown was the second husband of Ellen Brantley Lewellen.