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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Research needed

I'm writing this down so I don't forget to check this source the next time I'm at the Family History Library. In 1977 an A.W. Homrighausen wrote that in the Monroe County, Missouri Wills File Box 29 Jacob Lewellen has a bond for July 26, 1848. She records the heirs are:
James Lewellen
Joseph (deceased) heirs - Hendricks, Nicols, ???
Robert Lewellen of Dale County, Missouri
John Lewellen
Jabish Lewellen
Need to check this!

Also: 1950 Monroe Co., Missouri Census #504 p108

Another item to check:
this is from a Ms. Rouse in 1979: "In the Ralls & Pike Portrait and biographical record [hopefully this is a book] it said Jacob Lewellen & Wife Jane ? from Wales had 9 children named Samuel, John, Hannah, Jacob, Martha, James, Robert, Rachael, Joseph. According to the other dates in the sketch - Robert should have been born in Ky about 1802 . . . This Jacob born in Wales - went to Va then to KY where most of his children were born then went to Rall Co, Missouri. After Jacob and Jane's 9 children were born she died and Jacob married a Rackerby but I think it was Eliza Rackerby Sutton but apparently no children."

This is curious because I have two generations of Jacob Lewellens. The first Jacob married Abigail and had several children (all named the same as the above Jacob w/ Wife Jane). So, I need to figure out these two generations and see if a mistake has been made.

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